Idea to Income Bundle

Here are easy steps to create new income, map it out, and get into action!





Most people spend time going the long way...researching way too long about way too much... going down the black hole of knowledge vs action

I love chatting with my tribe online about creating multiple streams of income because let’s face it! Income gives you OPTIONS and ACCESS

I don’t know about you but having to choose whether I do this or that irritates me

I like to just do what I desire….money is the tool that allows that option

I also know that now more than ever you need to have different streams of income so that if one is shook you have OPTIONS and BACKUP

My commitment is to share what I know always to support you!

So here's the deal- You can’t take all day getting things going

The more you put it off the more irritated with yourself you are.

Not jumping into action makes you miss opportunities right in your face because your business isn’t ready.

Not starting...not making the plan to increase is costing your household, your kids needs, your desires, peace of mind at night.

I want to show you how to start fast and validate your idea by getting money in hand in exchange for your valuable product or service.

You want to go from IDEA TO INCOME asap whether you are just starting or adding another revenue stream.

I have singing, music, speaking, online courses, merchandise, consulting, & network marketing income streams.

When I hear someone say “if I could add $500, or $3000 a month” ….my brain can’t help but go into planning and EXECUTION on their behalf. #obsessed #borntocreate

I see how easy it is and I want you to be able to see an opportunity, monetize it, grow it, and INCREASE!

I must share with you the things that have helped and hurt me along this journey I am on in business

Most people would quit if they had to learn the lessons I’ve learned the hard way. I'm grateful I am here to share with you in such an easy and actionable way.

Let's thrive not simply SURVIVE!!!

Maybe right now you are reading this because you want to quit...

I say if it was placed on your heart...learn what you need to and implement it asap and keep going

Either way I trust the info that I am about to share with you will help you immensely!

Whether you grab this bundle or not here are some things I’ve learned and want to share with you:

When you start a business, or new income idea…. the key is get to validation FAST.

Not over planning, thinking, waiting, looking at everyone else comparing forever and ever!

Validation is cash in hand.

You want to be able to identify a need, a problem that a person has, and come up with a solution they are willing to pay for.

People that solve problems get paid well! Period.

Oh and pick a problem people want to pay for over and over.

Validate there is a need for it by looking at what’s already out.

Tony Robbins says this all the time. MODEL what works!

I’d like to add that in the case of some things like that aren't a "need" like lipstick or eyelash sales...the client just may have a strong desire vs a “problem”

When a customer has a strong enough desire they will buy over and over as well….

For example your luxe purse or vip tickets, fast food, etc

The desire for status, feel good emotions, convenience, keep us business owners PAID okaaaayy.

So you want to look for opportunities to solve problems and please desires!!

In this special labor day bundle that I’m gonna tell you more about in a sec….

I show you how to map out what your ideal customer desires, what problems they are having that they want to solve ASAP, and then we map out where they want to be.

Why do this? Because it’s literally like magic. Once you do this you will see products, content, and have clarity on their needs. From there it’s so much easier to craft marketing and sales content that make them say “OMG this is exactly what I need”


Rightfully so because you help them get what they want!!

It’s the best feeling to have like 5 refunds a year after selling hundreds of thousands of dollars in services and products…. because I use this technique.



I don’t believe in going supppppper deep into planning the way most people plan….AT FIRST.

I believe in thoroughly planning and shaping AFTER validation.

But you definitely need to put a plan in place initially and then add to and shape it as the business grows.

I have a way that makes business planning simple, to the point, so you can go validate and get cash in hand. A business plan is what you think - we need to plan and think - but that's just the intro to the show!

I am giving you that pdf in this bundle!

This process is valued at $67 alone.

It’s gets you STARTED w out taking weeks and months.



Now!! To get to the money clearly... or to increase what you are bringing in... you want to have a clear business model. This is different from a plan. This is you putting that plan in action. Listing out the different areas and how they interact. This may or may not be new to you...but

This is GOLD!

I never had this info when I started my experimenting in business. I was guessing daily.

In the beginning of business you basically are a scientist and you are going to TEST your idea.

<I am going to just insert your permission to fail forward...look crazy...try it out w/ no pressure>

In testing you want to develop a business plan and business model so you are clear how things are working together

You update these things as you work and get data

I learned the hard way that I was actually going into work everyday reinventing the wheel and it became a PAIN IN THE BUTT.

I was tired.

I was losing money because the busier I got...the more unorganized...the more bottlenecks were happening...the more I was lost.

When you lose sight of where you are going all hell breaks loose!


I was saying things like clients aren’t coming in, money isn’t coming in, I can’t afford this or that….but once I began to really look at my business on paper, then look at my problems in the all made sense and things were easier to fix.

I could relax and trust that I was going to be ok because now I just have to keep testing the model!

I'm giving you a video lesson on how to make your business model fast and get clarity so you can CEO your business and create the success you seek

Ahhhh Peace of mind


next lesson

I want to share with you is the importance of time in your business

In order for me to get freedom, I had to get ocd about my hours.

I had back ups all over the place in my business because I either wasn’t setting time to do things, or I wasn’t timing the things I needed to do daily, which resulted in traffic jams.

Now, I have not perfected time itself LOL but the basic keys that will make sure you rake in multiple 6 figures in income ...I GOT YOU

It’s one of those areas that I overlooked until the chaos made me look

This lesson will help you assess where time is going and prioritize what’s key to you THRIVING

It will help you avoid procrastination and daily interruptions that keep you off task

This video lesson is a real eye opener and will help you cut out stuff that you don’t need in your life so you can make room for what you desire in your life!!


Let's talk marketing and sales

How you get people to see your business and pay attention, and how you get them to purchase from your business!

It's so fun for me, but so many in my tribe freak out and I want to help it be easy for you

Say it with me!

This is easy and flows for me :)

I always teach that marketing is like you waving and speaking to people daily.

I’m from the south and we love to speak to people! It’s rude not to.

We aren’t speaking to get something...we are simply speaking and acknowledging our community as well as making our presence known. Being REAL normal humans

If you have gotten busy, and have been working with your head down...not SPEAKING to people...when it’s time to SELL your product or service so you can help them further...they won’t give you the response you desire because you just came out of nowhere.

But when you speak to people daily- they are familiar with you and will be way more responsive daily as you offer them services and products to help them

I am teaching a workshop called Marketing and Sales Made Easy

This workshop is for you if you avoid these 2 things on a regular basis and you are ready to be seen, heard and paid!


Here’s what you get:

  • Ideal to Income planning workbook - $67 value
  • Fast start business plan - $67 value
  • Fast start business model $67 value
  • Time tracking lesson $47 value
  • Marketing and Sales Made Easy $97 value

That’s $345 value in lessons, pdfs, workbooks all delivered online you can watch at your own pace.

First lesson drops Monday 8am cst! You will sent an enrollment link after your purchase.

ALL FOR $67 VS $97


I’m also bonus-ing you in several classes I believe you need to have for your mind and heart as you make more income with the above content

So check it out

Bonus number 1:

The Money Chronicles $67 value

As a result of this course you will recognize the behavior and thinking that is keeping you from making and or keeping the money you desire

This is a 7 video lesson course that takes you on a journey to discovering your money story and writing a new one.

Soooo powerful.

I was literally making so much money, but because my money story was one of lack and never enough attitude...I never had enough in my mind so... I never saved...I never hired the right people...I always left deals...because I was scared to lose money.

This is a painful way to live. It cost me hundreds or thousands plus relationships and time spent with loved ones.

I share with you how I worked through (and still do...)this sabotaging thinking and how you can find your money mindset and break the chains in your life!!

We sold out of this course and I’m bringing it back just for you as a bonus.

Bonus number 2:

The Money workshop $47 value

As a result of taking this class you will have the practical tools and information so you can track income and expenses and prepare for the growth you desire!

Bonus number 3:

Quit Your Day Job webinar $27 value

As a result of taking this workshop you will see how to practically think through adding more income and mapping out quitting your day job to live life on your terms!

This is $486 value in content!

Labor Day sale price $67 vs $97

You have until Monday at 11:11pm

Grab this bundle deal before the investment goes up to $97!!

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LaKeisha Michelle

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