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How to cut, style, relax, and rock short hair looks like Halle Berry

In the salon I got tired of being scared when someone asked me for a short hair look from a picture.

I wore short hair, but couldn't cut it, or deliver consistent styles!

I would turn clients away who asked about short hair.

When I did do short looks I would just hope and pray they didn't ask for their money back the next day because I wanted the hair to look polished, and I couldn't figure out how to get THAT look.

I didn't have the confidence... simply because I didn't have the knowledge & skill set.

I decided to make it priority to learn what made short hair HOT and what made women happy to return for more services. I knew what I loved about wearing short hair.

I studied and created a formula that allowed me how to consistenly create such dynamic styles that clients came back over and over.

I got so good at it, I ended up changing all the services on my menu to just short hair as my specialty.

Mastering the foundation was key to creating a six figure salon business doing short hair.

It took me way too long to understand cutting and styling short hair.

I would pay hundreds of dollars for classes that taught one thing and still needed more....or they would teach...I would get inspired...but I left with no way to duplicate what I saw. There was no system.

After I finally figured it out I started seeing success from being booked up and having $1000 days.

Other stylist were still asking me questions and frustrated because they couldn't figure it out.

They go to classes.... They took pics, notes, even video but still it wasn't enough.

I saw some stylist on my youtube asking for help who couldn't travel to those classes....

So I decided to create something everyone could join and study as long as they want to help fill the gap!

So far, I have helped over 700 people all over the world (literally) learn the basics of the most popular standard short hair styles from the comfort of their home.

You can learn my short hair techniques from any computer or mobile device, never having to travel!

You can watch, pause, rewind classes as often as you need.

I share everything with you and you have access to ask me any questions as a member.

I am committed to showing you how simple steps increase your salon income massively.

Your investment for my system that helps you create a business around specializing in short hair is 1 client a month!

Literally $47/month


Watch. Learn. Go implement.

Do what you learn here on 1 client and you make MORE than your money back!!

What does it cost you to still stay where you are and keep hoping you figure out the trade secrets?

Think of this like a netflix account soley focused on short hair!

Hop in and I can't wait to meet you



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LaKeisha Michelle
LaKeisha Michelle

This hair dresser took her life from broke and broken, to world traveling, #1 international best selling author, singing, songwriting, work from wherever way days. She used the beauty industry to design life on her terms. After creating a six figure salon business in Dallas and Los Angeles she realized there is a formula that just works, and beauty professionals everywhere can do it. She is determined to tell as many cosmetologists as she can so that they too can create a barely recognizable life. Her fun live streams and courses are designed to inspire, teach, and kick your butt into action. You can live life on your terms. The beauty industry is a gift that allows you be blessed while being an even bigger blessing to others. If you are ready for that next level version of you, take a leap of faith, invest in yourself, and take one of her classes. Members rave about the results they see in their business and personal life! If not now, then when? The magic shift you desire is inside of you...waiting for you to tap in!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! Think netflix, hulu, youtube.... It is a completely self-paced online- you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
When you sign up you have full 24/7 access. You have access as long as your billing is in good standing.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
Because you get instant access to over 20 classes this course is non refundable.

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