Social Media Video Secrets

Every video tactic I use to run a 6 figure biz on and offline

Watch the intro lesson!

Once you understand who you want to attract, where they hangout, then you can make video content so they can find you!

Are you ready to blow up your social media game by using videos!!??

You can

Get attention on social media creating all types of videos...they don't even have to be long

Reels, short, live streams, boomerangs, 1 min, 15 sec, 30 sec, 4 min, videos, and more….

are HOT right now

They are easy to make once you have the easy framework to do so

Create videos that get people FINDING and FOLLOWING your social media page

Do simple things like

-Teach a concept

-Show behind the scenes

-Share tips


-Show an outfit

-Do makeup

-Share a funny moment

-Sing a song

-Do a review


-Read a chapter from your book

-Say affirmations

-Teach modeling poses

-Give finance tips

-Give dating tips

The list goes on of the types of things you can create once and let attract tribe for as long as it lives online

The key is understanding




If it's hard or annoying to you....

why on earth would you actually get the job done?


You wouldn't ....

Trust me

I asked the following types of people

-salon owner





-fulltime as data analyst that business coaches on the side

-virtual assistant

-real estate agent

....that list went on

They all said they want to learn how to make videos with ease...but they were


-they overthink

-it was too techy

-they didn't what to say or do, etc

Can you relate?

If so

I gotchu!!!

Listen...I posted online in 2009 and never stopped

The videos were blurry and all over the place lol but I shared what I felt in my heart was needed to be shared

It's led to over 70,000 followers and millions of views each year

These amazing people get value from the content I post


a percentage of them buy cool things from me that help them do the things they see me share in videos

It's resulted in me making 6 figures in the salon and then on the internet!!!







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21 Social Media Video Secrets will cover the following

  1. The exact video strategies I use for Youtube (💁🏽‍♀️🤩GOLD…when people google they will find you)
  2. Youtube cont’d
  3. Youtube cont’d
  4. The exact video strategies I use for Facebook
  5. Facebook cont’d
  6. Facebook cont’d
  7. The exact video strategies I use for Instagram
  8. Instagram cont’d
  9. Instagram cont’d
  10. Video tools I use daily
  11. Websites that enhance your videos
  12. Editing keys and tricks inside of Inshot
  13. Creating Gary v style videos
  14. Creating videos that are audio-only
  15. Crop video techniques for social media
  16. Factors of a viral video masterclass so you can learn and duplicate it for your own brand
  17. Powerful pictorial video creation
  18. My secret to making commercials for my business that make people click the link
  19. Live q&a
  20. Livestream script + challenge
  21. Live q&a

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