Step 1 - Get out of overwhelm by getting all your ideas out your head

Watch the video below and if you prefer just audio you can listen to the audio only. That link is below as well!

First assignment is to brainstorm the outcomes you can get for people consistently.

What problem can you help someone solve consistently? What you decided to teach should be something you can "teach in your sleep"


I can consistently teach a class on how to create a webinar

I can consistently teach hair cutting

I can consistently teach makeup

I can consistently teach how to make youtube videos

***If you took this course and already know what class you want to teach awesome!****

Just write the problem you can consistently solve for your client on paper.

After you have the brainstorm list (or if you already know what your are teaching)

Take a pic of it and post it in the private facebook group!

step 1 brainstorm worksheet.pdf
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